Crazy Flags Flying…

There is so much crazy out there…  Go out on a Thursday night to an upscale bar in North Hills and you will more than likely encounter one or two people with a crazy flag.  They may not be flying it at that particular moment, but if you spend even a few minutes talking to them you quickly see that they definitely have one.

I’m fairly certain that every woman has a crazy flag.   I define a “crazy flag” as having a propensity to behave in an irrational way – which pretty much defines every day of my life.  All women at certain times of the month have that propensity – some more so than others.

Some women are much better at hiding their crazy flag.  I have a “friend” (and, yes, I am using that term very loosely) who comes across as being such a nice and genuine person, but the minute the person she is speaking to turns their back, she talks bad about them.   I know that with as much as she talks about other people that she definitely talks about me when I walk out of the room.  Her crazy flag goes up and down like the tide, but she is smart enough to know how to hide it.  I am wondering when her new husband will find her collection of crazy flags she keeps locked in her basement, because it is only a matter of time before she lets down her guard and waves her crazy flags for everyone to see.

I can think of a few times where I have flown my crazy flag and flown it high and proud.  But, in my defense, I had to bring it out as a result of the enormous crazy that surrounded me.  WHEN IN CRAZY TOWN DO AS THE CRAZIES DO.

If you know me personally, then you know that my favorite insult about someone is to say, “She is just plain CRAZY.”  My definition of “just plain crazy” is when you have the ability to hurt others with your irrational behavior.  I can think of a few friends on Facebook who I am certain are just plain crazy and their erratic behavior affects those around them.

On the other hand, I am the kind of person who enjoys just being silly.  I like to dance in my kitchen while cooking dinner and I like to wear whatever is easiest to put on to go get the paper in the morning – doesn’t everyone wear Ugg boots and a faux fur coat over their nightie to walk down their driveway in the morning?  That’s not crazy — I prefer to call it “eccentric.”

I can honestly say that my favorite part of my eccentricity is that my children are so understanding about it.  My son is in middle-school and as a result is much more sensitive to what others think, but when it comes to me he doesn’t seem to notice.  If anything, he seems to appreciate it.

I can walk out to the car to take him to school with a hoodie sweatshirt over my nightgown with my Uggs and a scarf on and he will look at me, smile and shake his head without saying a word.  Maybe he is trying to teach me like a parent tries to teach a child… maybe he thinks I’m rebelling and he wants to ignore my rebellion in hopes that it will go away.

If that’s the case, the poor kid should give up… He is stuck with me forever.


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