Unsung Heroes in Our Home

We have almost reached our three week mark in our new normal.  Admittedly, we have all had a little bit of looming fear about how all of the changes would affect us on a daily basis.  Overall though we have not had any major issues.  The kids seem to understand the way things work and are adjusting and are truly enjoying spending time together.  I keep waiting for a blow up, but none have occurred…YET.

While we all seem to be adjusting well (even Silky), there are some unsung heroes who may be having a harder time:

The poor dishwasher is working itself to death with the amount of cups we go through.

The poor dishwasher is working itself to death with the amount of cups we go through.

The kids have apparently gone CUP CRAZY.  Every day there are a million cups all over the house.  They use cups like they use toilet paper – use it once and then go get a new one.  It is exhausting!  My poor dishwasher has never gotten as much use as it gets now.  I think that I used to run in once every few days, but now it is getting run nightly because it is filled to the top.

The washer and dryer have never seen this much action....

The washer and dryer have never seen this much action….

Laundry.  I don’t even know where to start.  Thankfully Joe is the laundry guy because if you know me at all then you know I HATE LAUNDRY.  Before we got married, I would wait and do laundry about once a week.  It would be about five loads, but I would knock it all out in one day.  We ALWAYS had dirty clothes.  With Joe in the house, we NEVER have dirty clothes.  I heard one of my kids a couple of nights ago say, “This is already clean? I wore it yesterday!”  They have never heard of such a thing!!! Joe does at least one load a night, so the washing machine is taking a beating.  Joe pointed out that his excessive use of the washing machine was positive in other ways too though because no snake would want to be in the basement since there is finally movement down there!

We need to place bets on how long this bad boy will hold up!!!

We need to place bets on how long this bad boy will hold up!!!

Six people taking a shower puts a lot more work on our friend the hot water heater.  We try to be nice to it by getting the girls to shower at night and the boys to shower in the morning.  Throw in there any days where Joe and I workout and then we may take more than one shower a day.  Plus it has to work in cahoots with the dishwasher and the washing machine!  I am praying it will hold out for us and not give up.

While I am dreading to see our first electric bill with everyone in the house, I am so happy that we are all adjusting so well.  I had a bad day at work yesterday and was in a terrible mood when I drove up our driveway.  The boys were outside playing and both yelled hello to me.  I got two good hugs and went inside.  Once inside I got two more hugs from the girls and a hug and kiss from Joe.  By the time I had finished preparing dinner, I was smiling and laughing.  Just being in the presence of all four of our happy kids and feeling so loved by my husband, I had forgotten about my day and was focusing on what is truly important – OUR FAMILY.

The appliances are just collateral damage of having a home full of kids and love… and the appliances can be easily replaced.


5 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes in Our Home

  1. Husband note – everything is washed in cold except for whites…. and a clothesline may be frowned upon. #DOINGMYPART

    LOVE the blog 🙂

  2. AND… the kids were not receptive to the “Weekly Red Solo Cup w/ name in Sharpie” idea. Baby. Steps.

  3. A friend of mine was having the same problem with her kids using way too many cups everyday. So, she has a Tervis Tumbler for each member of the family. (either with an initial or favorite team/design) They use their cup everyday and ONLY that cup. This has cut down on her dishwasher usage quite a bit! She even got a couple extras for when they have company over. Just a suggestion!!

    I love reading your blog posts! I’m glad things are going so well for you guys!

  4. you might want to start reading ‘large family’ blogs now for ideas for managing all those young’uns. 🙂 i use glass jelly jars with ‘drink bands’ on them. each child has two colors. they use ONE a day. while the one is washed in the dishwasher they still have another.

    i also like the tervis idea, but i use the glasses b/c they are smaller for my little ones and less expensive.

  5. I bought Tervis tumblers for my kids for this very reason… so I guess we need to get two for Joe’s kids and then enforce it… 🙂

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