ENFP Energizing Party!

This will come as a complete shock to many of you, but I am an extrovert. Yeah, I know. SHOCKER. I remember taking the Myers-Briggs Test when I was at boarding school and reading the definition of an “ENFP” and saying, “Oh my gosh!! That sounds just like me!” image The E in ENFP is extrovert. Most people think that an extrovert is merely someone who is gregarious and unreserved, but that is not the accurate definition of an extrovert. An extrovert is not only a person who is outgoing, but it is a person who gets their energy from being around other people. As a true extrovert, I do NOT do well alone. The thought of sitting at home alone bores me out of my mind. I don’t mind being home with others, but being totally alone sucks all of my energy and happiness out. I am energized by being surrounded by people. image Thankfully, Joe understands this. He can look at me and say, “You need a night out, don’t you?” He can tell that I am in need of laughter and chatting and gossiping with friends. He knows if he falls asleep on the couch that I will have crazy nervous energy just sitting alone. Today is one of those nervous energy days. Don’t get me wrong, everything is wonderful. The kids are fabulous and work is great, but I do have a lot of negative attacks in different forms that are sucking my energy. I am feeling like I need more POSITIVE energy. So what do I do? Invite friends over. image There is just something about a porch party. Some may call it a hen party (on the porch). Call it what you will, but it is my energizing party!!! It’s when a few girlfriends come over and we sit around and just TALK. About everything and anything and solve life’s problems. I love being able to talk to my girlfriends about what is going on in my life and finding comfort in hearing them say, “That is totally insane.” It’s the validation from a table full of girlfriends that say “You have done everything just like you should.” It’s just BEING… with your friends. image And I sure have been blessed with some great friends. I cannot tell you how thankful I have been to everyone supporting my blog. Below are a few excerpts from messages I have received:

“Your blog is wonderful. My little family isn’t blended but my husband and I both come straight from the blender (more than once for each of us) I love to hear how you are making it work and am so impressed with your grace. My parents weren’t able to do that for me. Your children are very fortunate to have parents that are doing such an awesome job!”

“I enjoy reading it, it makes my viewpoint on love and marriage the second time around much less intimidating. Lol you actually make me WANT to find real love again, for me…and my babies. As hard as that is to admit… Love you and love your heart! Keep writing!!!”

“I want to keep reading your blog! You have been so helpful to me with divorced-parenting and some of my own struggles and frustrations in difficult situations, AND you’ve inspired me to start running again!!”

“Love reading your blog. Your writing is inspiring. One day you will have a #1 best seller at Barnes and Noble.”

I would say that being an ENFP (Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving) is one of the reasons I love blogging so much. Sure, I could write in a journal or I could make my blog private, but the people who are searching for answers and help would not get any use out of my writing then. And I want to use the knowledge that I have for good and to help people. I want my stories to be an inspiration to others and lift them when they are down. But sometimes I need to be lifted.


So……………………… it’s porch party time!! Time to turn on some music, open a beer and celebrate friendship. Because just being with my girlfriends helps me – it gives me the energy I need to push through the rest of the week. It makes me strong when I feel weak.


One thought on “ENFP Energizing Party!

  1. I love the email excerpts you shared! It sounds like you have lots of wonderful, encouraging people in your life. Keep on writing, girl! 🙂

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