It’s Official!!!

I am proud to announce that I have had my first blog published by the Huffington Post.  After they featured our family as the Blended Family of the Week the Friday before last, they asked me to publish blogs on the Huffington Post Divorce site.

Here’s my Bio:


Please support my writing by going to the post and LIKING IT, SHARING IT, COMMENTING ON IT… WHATEVER!!!! 🙂  Sorry if you are receiving this multiple times through different social media sites.  I am trying to get as much press as I can so they will feature the blog.

Just click on the photo below for my first post: What It SHOULD Look Like.




2 thoughts on “It’s Official!!!

  1. Dale Reichart-Moore

    Jada is ranting and raving about she has a cousin that has something publish and is famous.   She is going to tell all her friends on facebook to check you out.  I need to stop and smell the roses.  That blog really hit home.  Tell Crawford and Warren THE cousins say HI!  Oh I forgot the new husband and kids tell them THE cousins say HI too!  Love    Thanks and God Bless cousins 

    Dale Reichart and Jada

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