Jen Hatmaker – Relational Repair for “The Difficult”

I realize that I just published a blog within the past ten minutes or so, but this blog cannot be ignored.  Not now. Not never.

There are times in my life when something speaks to me and I clearly know WHO IT IS that is trying to get something through my thick skull.  And boy was He talking to me through this blog.

Jen Hatmaker – Relational Repair for “The Difficult”.

We all have people in our lives who are just, well, DIFFICULT.  And no matter what we do, they are exhausting with their never-ending drama and unwillingness to act the way that we want them to act.  They crave attention, whether it be good or bad attention.

My favorite line in the entire blog is: “PEOPLE ARE DIFFICULT. I mean, we’re not. Other people, I’m saying. These difficult people are making us act bad against our will.”

HASHTAG TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!  I refuse to flounder in frustration for another minute.  Thank you so much to Jen Hatmaker for this well-written blog.  I too need something to mitigate the shame of Being Icky to Someone.  My goal will be patience, grace, and love.




One thought on “Jen Hatmaker – Relational Repair for “The Difficult”

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