Everything Else is Just Gravy…

“Everything else is just gravy…”

I have used that phrase more times than I care to admit. I’m not sure if it’s southern thing or if it’s just a saying that has been used FOREVER, but it’s fun to use because it has such great meaning. To me, I think it refers to everything beyond what is required… or something that is above or beyond what is necessary. It’s always good though, DEFINITELY good. I mean, who can say anything bad about gravy?

We may need the meat and potatoes to make a meal, but the gravy on top is just the perfect addition to make it something special.

When I started using Isagenix, I kept telling people that I loved the product because it gave me a tremendous amount of energy, and “the weight loss is just gravy.” Then when I would enroll friends I would say, “I just want to get my products paid for… everything else is just gravy.” Once I started making money in the business, I started telling people that I have a full time job I love, but “my Isagenix income is just gravy.”

I have found that on top of all of the amazing physical changes in my life since starting Isagenix – energy out of the roof (but not nervous energy), weight loss (20 lbs), great sleep (waking up rested and energized), and beautiful skin – I have had some great emotional changes as well. I have noticed I am much calmer in everything I do now (dropped two medications out of my life) and my perspective in general has improved.

Now I know I have always been pretty much annoyingly optimistic…. but yeah, it has gotten even worse.

I passed this sign on my way to my parking garage yesterday and I just had to stop to take the picture, because I thought of writing this blog:


Life is ALL GRAVY…….

It hit me immediately that lately I have still let the little things get to me. I’ve let inconsequential people hurt my feelings. I have talked incessantly about a wrong that I felt had been done to a loved one. I felt broken inside because my kids are spending every other week with their dad (like they do every summer). I had been convincing myself that I was fine, but I had forgotten something so important… I was making happiness in my life just gravy. I wasn’t making it the most important thing. Happiness had become a by-product of other things, but was not my focus anymore.



I was so disappointed in myself. That one sign made me realize that LIFE is to be celebrated! We can’t just celebrate the little extras, but we need to focus on celebrating everything.

When I think about my dashingly handsome husband who regularly surprises me with sweet texts and flowers and tells me daily how I am the most beautiful woman in the world (God knew who I needed in my life after my first marriage and He found Joe)…


or when I think about our kids and the happiness they bring me even when they are the spoiled rotten selfish teenage kids that they wholeheartedly are…


or when I think about my beautiful parents and my brother and his family and how blessed I was to grow up in such a supportive, loving, and idyllic life…


or when I think about the friends that God has blessed me with who are there for me regardless and always listen to me and who introduce me to (and let me introduce to them) this amazing nutritional cleansing system that helped me do this in 30 days (THANKS JULIE).


I can’t help but remember that LIFE IS A BLESSING. And just like gravy, life is all of the amazing, saucy goodness. Sit down now and start counting your blessings. Your entire perspective will change and you may end up being that annoying woman who smiles all the time at the gym and weirds people out (at least that’s what my son told me). I can’t help it I smile all the time!!!! It certainly beats the alternative….

There is one thing for sure…. my life IS all gravy.