These are reviews from Life in a Blender readers:

“While you could spend countless amount of time focusing on the negative aspects of how you got to where you are now, you make sure to focus on the positive so that others might find some hope in your words.” – Jenn

“Gives me hope & laughter.” – Missy

“Your message is not about the reader – your message is about second chances.  Your message is about forgiveness and starting anew, with Christ. Your message is about letting go and letting God.” – Sarah

“You write well, your thoughts are profound, and I enjoy reading what you write!” – Betsy

“You bring out the mad, sad, happy, agree and disagree in everything you write.  It is heartfelt and makes others wonder what is in their heart.  It gives everyone hope.” – Kelly

“What you write can be applicable to many family situations, not just the blended/yours/mine/all of our kids.” -Freda

“Keeping it real! And refreshing!! And applicable!” – Terri

“I do not agree with divorce for Biblical reasons, but at the same time I really appreciate how you tackle it.  I follow your blog and read it because you do not make excuses for the divorce or give trite comments about being ‘happy’… I truly believe your written word that you have done the very best to put your children first in light of your failed marriage. I respect that.” – Sarah

“Such wise words and so cleverly written!” – Cheryl

“Many people who are newly separated look to me for support because I am now on the other side.  I see how your blog can reach so many who really need to know they are not alone, it is not impossible and that all of us and most importantly, our children, can be so much better off if this tough road is traveled in a positive way.  Keep it going!” – Justine

“Your writing helps me remember… there is such a thing as true love, true happiness & anything is possible!!” – Michele

“You have a God given talent and life experiences that you can’t stop sharing with others.  Your writings give others hope and knowing that you’re helping others whether it be 1 or 100, you are doing a great thing and making a significant difference in people’s lives.” – Susan

“I love your blog.  I need advice from someone in my situation that I trust that also has a good relationship (or as good as two divorced people can have). ” – Laura

“You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for building peoples’ hopes and confidence!” – Jodi

“I’m 20 and never been married/divorced/remarried or had children, but your style of writing is great and all of your blogs give off a warm feeling and leave me smiling.” – Kara


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